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Military PCS Move Planning Guide

Moving is a natural part of being in the U.S. military, and most moves are due to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.

There are three main options for moving your belongings in a military PCS move, and most of the costs are paid for by Uncle Sam. Typically, options include a government move; a personally procured move (PPM) also known as a do-it-yourself (DITY) move; or a combination of the two often termed a partial pcs move. You can talk to the Transportation Office (TO) at your base to learn about the options for your military PCS move.

Personally Procured Move (PPM or DITY)

A PPM means you handle the move yourself, from beginning to end. A popular option includes renting a moving truck and choosing a moving labor company such as SML to load and unload it. Now to the money part. Your TO will calculate the cost of a government move and pay you 95% of that amount directly to you. If you manage to spend less than the amount allotted to you by the military, you get to keep the difference.

If you choose a “DITY move“, your first step is to file an application with your installation’s TO. Once you’re approved, get details from your TO about paperwork and receipts, such as weight tickets that will be required for reimbursement.

Use this DITY move calculator to determine the approximate cost of your PPM.

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Long Distance Moving Map

Which is the Best Option for Military Moving?

The ability to pocket money in a PPM is a big plus over a government move, but there can be other advantages as well. The ultimate outcome depends upon the moving labor help you hire for your military move.

SML is a simple and affordable Nationwide Loading and Unloading Service. How does it work?

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You’ve received PCS orders, now what?

Each service branch has their own specific processes to follow once you receive PCS orders before you can actually begin your move.

Click below to learn about important move details for your branch:

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Important Info for your PCS

How to Get Reimbursed for your Military Move

Following approval from the Transportation Office at your current base, you can receive some upfront funds to assist with expenses directly associated with your move. Once the move is completed, you will need to follow the following procedures to secure repayment for the outstanding costs of your move. Each military branch has its own documentation, but the following are common PPM requirements:

  • DD Form 2278, the primary application
  • DD Form 1351-2, a travel voucher
  • Certified weight tickets
  • A copy of each of the following:
    1. Your PCS travel orders
    2. Paid rental agreement
    3. Vehicle registration, if you use a privately owned vehicle and/or transport a boat and trailer

File your reimbursement documentation with the TO at your new installation. If you received upfront funds for your PPM, you have up to 45 days from the initial moving date to file your claim for reimbursement.The Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA, for OCONUS moves) or Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) plus per diem might cover the cost of food and lodging, items which are handled separately from the HHG budget.

Weight Tickets

It is necessary to get certified weight tickets, for reimbursement of your DITY move. You are responsible for going to a certified scales location and getting the required certified weight ticket if you are moving with a rental truck. If you are hiring a moving company with drivers, you must request weight tickets prior to the move, but the moving company will get them for you. When you hire full-service moving from Simple Moving Labor on a full service move, we will take care of obtaining weight tickets for you for your move cost reimbursement.

For more information about military weight tickets, click here

More PCS Moving Tips

  • Become familiar with your “Customer Bill of Rights” from the DoD Personal Property Program.
  • Carefully read the information on the Official DoD Customer Moving Portal since changes could have been made since your last move.
  • When making moving arrangements, it is often helpful to set up a flexible moving period spread across a few weeks, considering possible complications such as selling a home and providing notice to your landlord.
  • Reduce your moving costs by culling unwanted or rarely used items. Donate items or have a yard sale.
  • For long-distance travel, prepare your personal vehicle by getting any needed repairs.
  • If you need on-base childcare, get on the childcare list at your new base as quickly as you can.
  • Get contact information from friends before you move, to ensure that you can stay in touch.

Begin Planning Your Military Move

Contact an SML moving specialist for help choosing the military moving options that are best for you. We can help you arrange the details of your most cost-effective move. Call us at (866) 767-5348 or get your moving quote online today.

Thank you so much for your military service! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your PCS move.

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