Frequently Asked Questions

About SML & ProMovers

Who are the ProMovers and are they insured and bonded?

Promover crews are assigned to services from SML's proprietary nationwide network of movers and moving labor providers. Each crew must maintain the high level of customer satisfaction necessary to remain in our network, and are required to carry all applicable municipal- state- and or federal- licenses, bonds and insurance for the respective services provided. SML is also bonded and insured.

What does my ProMover crew bring with them?

ProMover crews are dispatched to every assignment with a dolly and a basic set of tools. Labor Only assignments: SML does not provide tie-downs, blankets, or pads. We recommend that you have lightweight rope or twine as well as furniture pads for the crews to for securing household goods in your transportation unit. We recommend two dozen (24) furniture pads per furnished room. Full Service Moves: SML will provide all necessary tie downs and furniture pads included in the service.

Is my crew background-checked?

Yes, they are.

Where do you find your crews?

Our dedicated Promover crew management team constantly scours the nation to find the very best movers and moving labor providers to work with our customers. Each crew is carefully researched, vetted, investigated, and we expect all of our crews to meet exacting professional and customer service standards. Once in our network, crews are graded after every assignment and must maintain excellent Quality Scores.

About Our Services

What does the difference between ‘Labor Only’ and ‘Full Service’?

Labor Only – Typically includes Loading Labor and/or UnLoading Labor Generally speaking, a customer who Labor Only assistance has rented a moving truck (or portable storage container) already and requires Labor assistance to help them Load and/or UnLoad that unit on either side of their move. Full Service refers to a move in which the mover provides a crew to Load and UnLoad, as well as, the moving truck to transport your household goods. Packing labor and packing supplies can be booked independently with either Labor Only or Full Service moves. Ask your Moving Coach for details.

Can I get a quote without reserving?

Yes, Labor Only quotes are available online at www.simplemovinglabor.com or by calling 866-767-4358 Full Service quotes are available by speaking to our of our Moving Coaches at 866-767-4358.

Why is the pricing different for my loading versus my unloading?

Price structure varies based on location and size of crew requested.

Do you provide in-home estimates?

Not for Labor Only or Full Service Local assignments. For Full Service Interstate assignment, SML will provide one of the following survey options: in-home, verbal, virtual.

Is SML Licensed and Insured?

Yes, SML a licensed, insured and bonded company.

Does SML provide packing supplies (plastic wrapping, boxes, tape, rope/tie downs, etc.)?

Labor Only crews will not bring any packing supplies on the day of the job. However, a variety of packing supplies is available for purchase at the following link (orders over $25.00 ship to your doorstep for free): http://www.pensketruckrental.com/supplies-and-services/boxes-and-supplies/ Full Service Local crews will bring the moving truck, furniture pads and tie downs. Full Service interstate crews will bring the moving truck furniture pads and tie downs; additionally, if booked in advance, any packing supplies listed on the Service Agreement.

I am not sure how long my move will take. Can the movers stay until the job is done or only 2 hours?

2hr is the minimum time SML will bill for any hourly service. Crews are willing and able to stay longer than the 2 hr minimum service – billing simply continues for as long as you have the crew onsite (we pro-rate to the ½ hour after the 2hr min).

What does Full Service mean?

Full service moves are for customers who need SML to facilitate the entire move. This includes SML providing a moving truck, loading, driving and unloading. (packing supplies and packing labor are available for full service customers when booked in advance)

Can SML provide a driver?

Normally, no. We do not offer a “driver only” service, and our insurance prohibits us from allowing our ProMover crew to drive a customer’s rental truck. We do, however, offer a Full Service option whereby we provide the truck, driver, and a loading and unloading crew.


Why can I not start my move after 4 pm?

For the safety of your items and the crew, SML makes every attempt to complete each job during daylight hours.

Do I need to hire a loading and unloading crew if I am moving within 50 miles?

No, you can use the same crew for loading and unloading. Just make sure you to let us know. The crew will follow you to the unload address. Just remember, you are paying by the hour from the time the movers arrive until you tell them to leave.

Are you open during the holidays?

We have limited hours of operation for most holidays. Please contact SML if your preferred moving date falls on a holiday.

Can I book movers a day before my move? How far in advance do I need to book my move?

It is a good idea to book as early as possible to ensure availability. We recommend at least two weeks before you move. We try our very best to accommodate a day before your move and last minute requests, but in order to ensure availability, we recommend you get the process started as soon as possible.

What Can be Moved

Can SML transport my car?

SML offers auto transport services when booked with an Interstate Full Service Move. Ask your Moving Consultant for details.

Can you move my plants?

We cannot move plants or any “live” items in the moving truck in a long distance move. Plants may be moved at your discretion on local moves if properly packed and prepared, however, we do not guarantee the safety of these items due to movement and temperatures in the moving truck.

Can you move my piano?

Our ProMover crews are able to load/unload an upright or spinet piano as long as the piano is not being moved up or down a flight of stairs. There is a $75 piano fee associated with this service. SML is not able to load or unload Grand or Baby Grand pianos.

I have a few prized possessions I need treated with extra care. How can I guarantee this?

Dependent on the item, you may want to consult with your moving coach. For larger items, we work with specialty services that can properly package and ship these items for you to ensure their safe transport. For smaller valuable items like jewelry and keepsakes, we recommend you keep them with you and transport them in your personal vehicle.

Cancellations / Issues

If I have an issue, problem, or complaint regarding my move/moving crew what do I do?

An SML Move Coordinator always calls the day of your job to confirm your crew has arrived and how the job is going. If you have any concerns, please talk to the representative and we will make our best effort to correct any issues that you have. If you have a problem, issue, or complaint regarding your crew at any time during the move, please call your Simple Moving Labor representative as soon as the issue arises so that we can resolve the issue quickly and get you back to a nice, simple move!

What if I have to cancel or postpone my move, or change the move day or time?

Load jobs (Labor Only) UnLoad jobs (Labor Only) If you need to cancel your move entirely, we require at least 72 hours notice prior to the first date (if there are multiple dates) on which your move is to take place in order to be able to refund your deposit. Moves cancelled within 72 hours of your move date may result in a forfeiture of your deposit. If you need to make a change to the date or time that your move takes place, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will work to accommodate all changes, based on crew availability. Full Service jobs require more time and investment for SML to book, and hold a truck and crews availability for any particular move; as such, Full Service move deposits are identified as non-refundable on Service Agreements. We understand that not everything also goes as planned, especially when moving, if you find that you need to cancel or postpone a scheduled Full Service move, please reach out to our staff to discuss any possible options.

Do I get a refund if movers are not available in my area or the days I booked?

Yes. Our team will also confirm avalilability at the time of booking for the date/time you request. Further, we will call you within 24 hours to confirm availability. If the rare situation develops in which we lose crew availability for the exact date/time of your booked service (weather, riots, pandemic, other) we will offer alternate times or refund 100% of your deposit.

What happens if I am running behind schedule for my unload, are you flexible on rescheduling?

If you need to make a change to the date or time that your move takes place, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will work to accommodate all changes, based on crew availability.

Financial / Insurance

What insurance is available?

Load jobs (Labor Only) UnLoad jobs (Labor Only) Labor Only assignment include a basic valuation of $00.60 per lb per item, for approved claims, if something is damaged while our crews are actively loading or unloading the items (claims due to transit related damaged can not be covered under this valuation); see your Service Agreement for details or discuss with one our of helpful Moving Coaches at 866-767-5348. Full Service Local jobs Full Service Local jobs carry a similar basic valuation of $00.60 per lb per item, for approved claims – since the crew is transporting the items for this service, coverage extends during this time as well. See your Service Agreement for details or speak with one of our agents for questions. Full Service Interstate Jobs This service type includes the basic valuation at no additional cost. Available for purchase are higher levels of coverage: Increased Carrier Valuation and/or a 3rd Party Insurance product. Both options and their costs will be presented to customers during their quoting and booking process. SML always encourages every customer to check with their renter’s or homeowner’s insurance for potential coverage options as well.

Why does SML sometimes charge a travel fee?

Crews are assigned to respective jobs based partially on their proximity to the respective job site. Some crews are dispatched from a few miles away from a customer’s jobsite, some are dispatched from a few hundred miles away. Hourly rates do not consider this travel to/from individual jobs. As such, SML applies a travel fee to Labor Only and Full Service jobs reflective of the potential travel time necessary to arrive onsite. Travel fees are always presented up front with our standard pricing.

Should I tip my movers?

As with other service industries, it is common to thank your movers for a job well done by offering a gratuity. A recent survey indicated the average tip per crew member per job was approximately $13.62. Tips are always appreciated, but never necessary.

How can I pay? Do you accept checks or cash?

We accept payment by credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash or checks as payment for your move.

Getting Ready for Your Move

What size truck do I need?

Please visit our partner Penske Truck Rental’s website for truck size suggestions: http://www.pensketruckrental.com/moving-trucks/?CID=98314633-VQ16-c

Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets when I move?

Metal two-drawer filing cabinets can be left full. The top two drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet must be emptied. All lateral and wood file cabinets should be completely emptied.

Can I leave clothing in my dresser drawers when I move?

It is fine to leave some light clothing in your dresser drawers during the move. Heavy or non- clothing items should be removed.

How do I prepare my appliances for the move?

Make sure any appliance that is being moved is empty or contain soft non-breakable filler items like pillows or linens. Any appliance that is being moved must be disconnected. Our movers are not able or trained to appropriately disconnect your appliance from the wall (electric, gas or water connections)

Moving Day

Do you assemble furniture?

Each crew is dispatched with a basic set of tools to assemble/disassemble furniture

Will the movers arrange the furniture how I want in my new home?

Your movers are there to assist you in making your move simple! If that means moving a piece of furniture several times to get it to the right place, they will do so happily!

Can I keep moving expenses down by having a family member or friend help on moving day?

On moving day, it is important to let the professional movers handle the job entirely. They experienced and knowledgeable in how to carry the weight and negotiate the loading of the truck. Typically, having friends or family members try work alongside the movers slows things down, causes mishaps and costs you more in the end. Utilize your trusted friends and family prior to the move with packing, or during the move to transport small valuables and plants or to care for children and pets.

Will the ProMovers take breaks?

Yes. Moving is a physically taxing job and longer jobs will require breaks for water, food and the bathroom. Movers always appreciate the offer of cold beverages during a hot day move. It is also a good idea to designate and communicate with your lead mover the bathroom that they should use. Any extended breaks of 15 minutes or more should be noted on the service work ticket. That way, SML can deduct extended breaks from your billing.

Can the crews help me pack, too?

Absolutely! Most of our customers choose to pack their belongings themselves to save on costs, but our ProMover crews are more than happy to pack your belongings for you, on the clock. They do not, however, bring any packing supplies with them.