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March 21, 2019

Marine Corps PCS Move

Being a member of the Marine Corps goes hand-in-hand with moving after receiving Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. For a complete overview of a military move, go to the PCS Military Move Planning Guide. Below, learn details that apply specifically to the Marine Corps for government moves and DITY moves plus what to do after you’ve received orders. There are also helpful links to ensure that you can receive the reimbursement you are entitled to for your Marine Corps PCS move plus other associated entitlements, tips for moving a pet, and more.

What to Do After Receiving PCS Orders

Log in or create an account with the Defense Personal Property System after you’ve received official Marine Corps PCS orders. There, complete mandatory self-counseling; submit primary and alternate move dates, which must be completed at least 90 days in advance of your move; and access various resources. If this is your first Marines PCS, you are also required to go to a local Defense Management Office for counseling.

The next step for a Marine Corp PCS move is to visit the Information and Referral (I&R) office at your installation, where you will receive a welcome aboard briefing. Details of the briefing may address your orders, the new station, entitlements, and more. You will also be provided with specifics for CONUS (Contiguous United States) and OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) moving.

It is also helpful to visit the local Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) for assistance in making a decision on how to move and for information on Marine Corps housing options. It is advised that you begin searching for housing at your new location after receiving your PCS orders, while still in the process of making decisions about specifics of your move.

Marine Corps Government Moves & DITY Moves

A government move and a personally procured move (PPM) are the two primary options for moving, no matter which type of Marine Corps PCS you have. Among the various military branches, much is similar for a PCS move, but the following information for government moves and PPM moves uniquely applies to the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Government Moves

If you opt for a Marine Corps government move, your move will be handled entirely by military movers, other than scheduling and accompanying paperwork you are responsible for. The Marine Corps requires that a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) be used to pay for all expenses related to completing a government move, including lodging, airfare, fuel, rental cars, and meals.

Marine Corps PPM

As part of a PPM application, Marines can request an Advance Operating Allowance (AOA), which can be an amount up to 60% of the total anticipated cost, based on government calculations. This does not apply to Marines who use their personal vehicle to complete a Marine Corps PCS move.

Additional Links for a Marine Corps PCS Move

Where to start for a Marine Corps PCS move (Please note that the information is updated regularly and the latest version may be on a different online page.)
Marine Corps Logistics Command – Personally Procured Move (PPM)
Pets and PCS
Facebook page for U.S. Marine Corps Personal Property Transportation and Storage
• This webinar resource for a military move is also recommended by the Marine Corps

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