8 Sites and Apps That Will Make Your Move Easier

January 12, 2016

New year, new home. Congrats! You found the perfect home or you’re still looking for the right place to live. Your next step is: packing, and preparing for the big move. Before you do that, moving to a new house or apartment can be a daunting task, it’s never easy, no matter how many times you’ve done it. So the next time you’re relocating, with the help of technology, these apps exist to facilitate the way we move and will help you accomplish a smoother moving process overall.


Sortly is an organizer app that helps put your home inventory together. Simply choose a category, snap a picture and tag the item with a description. Sortly also lets you add 15-second videos or up to eight videos to visually document your folders and items. This app is useful for organizing your household items, and lets you stay organized throughout your move.


Managing the moving process can get a little hectic but with Updater, the process becomes much simpler. Forget the time to call utility companies and update contacts. Updater helps with updating your accounts, hooking up home services and connects utilities. Updater will also forward your mail to the new home address.


AreaVibes is a site that is designed to help you find the best places to live in the U.S. We love this because it’s a simple access to helpful information to find the right area to live. AreaVibes uses a unique algorithm based on important metrics for each city, including; amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, housing, employment and weather.


This is a list-making app that will assist your numerous moving needs. It helps you organize your work schedule, household list, to-do, and more. The app is great for those who need constant reminder of what needs to be done.


Lovely is an app that provides access to rental homes and apartments. Lovely makes it easy to find and secure a new place to live. Lovely displays the listings for the area you wish using a map. Lovely aggregates rental postings from around the Internet and places them on the interactive map so you can see where rentals are located, a list of details and photos to view. You can set push notifications to be alerted when there is available apartment in a desirable area. The site is very user-friendly.


This app is great for before and after your move. Letgo simply helps you let go of the things you don’t want anymore. This is a fun way to sell your stuff within your neighborhood. The app is free and you’ll get to receive cash for the things you don’t need. Letgo is similar to Craigslist but it is faster and easier to use. After your move, if you’re looking for good deals, use this app and you’ll find great stuff like furniture, decor, and more stuff for your new place.

Bungo Box

Rather than using cardboard boxes to move your stuff, BungoBox is an environmentally friendly alternative. This service will deliver the plastic packing containers for you to rent and will pick them up after you are finished with your move. They have different packages you can choose from. We recommend Bungo Boxes because they are sturdier than boxes, easier to carry and have wheels so you can roll them.

Trucker Tools

Now that you have your truck packed away and you’re headed cross-country to your new destination, the drive itself is a whole different story. You’ll want to make sure the route you take is truck-friendly. Trucker Tools gives you detailed turn-by-turn directions to make sure you don’t end up derailed by a low hanging overpass.

Thanks to these handy apps, moving in 2016 will become much simpler. Happy moving!

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