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Uncategorized / 13.12.2018

The Secret to Moving on a Budget

couple moving

Moving is expensive -- and that’s putting it nicely. The average interstate full-service move will cost you $4,300 according to The American Moving and Storage Association. You could opt for a full DIY move, enlisting friends and family for what would result in a weekend-long...

Employee Moves / 06.08.2018

The State of Employee Relocation 2018

Back in May, we commissioned a survey of HR leaders and relocation professionals in order to get a better, more objective look at how corporate relocation policies are being used as a strategic organizational tool. We successfully surveyed over 70 senior-level human resource and relocation executives,...

Moving Guide / 28.06.2018

Best Cities for Sports Fans

Best Cities for Sports Fans | Simple Moving Labor
Sports is no longer just about going to a game or being America's pastime — it’s evolved into something so much more — it’s become a lifestyle. I’m sure you already have your favorite teams, but does your city make the top five cities for sports fans?
Moving Guide / 12.06.2018

The Best Cities for Millennials

The Millennial generation has been out of college since 2003, yet the last of the generation graduates college this year. If you are a recent grad looking to join the rest of your generation or in a place now where you can afford to make a move, check out the 5 best cities for Millennials.
Employee Moves / 15.05.2018

Hiring Market 2018: An Overview

hiring market 2018 an overview

Generation Z is beginning to enter the workforce, meaning HR managers and recruiters must adapt their practices and policies to remain competitive and attractive for this generation’s inclusive view of the workplace, their desire for flexibility, and the fact that they are indeed digital natives....

Moving Guide / 01.05.2018

The 10 Best Cities for Beer Lovers

the 10 best cities to live in for Beer lovers
For some beer-drinkers, beer is more than just a beverage — it’s a lifestyle. The cities on this list offer up unique bars with lengthy tap and bottle lists, are home to friendly locals, and are oftentimes walkable or tour-able so you don’t have to worry about a designated driver. So crack open a cold one and you just might find your next hometown: