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Uncategorized / 13.12.2018

The Secret to Moving on a Budget

couple moving

Moving is expensive -- and that’s putting it nicely. The average interstate full-service move will cost you $4,300 according to The American Moving and Storage Association. You could opt for a full DIY move, enlisting friends and family for what would result in a weekend-long...

Employee Moves / 06.08.2018

The State of Employee Relocation 2018

Back in May, we commissioned a survey of HR leaders and relocation professionals in order to get a better, more objective look at how corporate relocation policies are being used as a strategic organizational tool.We successfully surveyed over 70 senior-level human resource and relocation executives,...

Moving Guide / 28.06.2018

Best Cities for Sports Fans

Best Cities for Sports Fans | Simple Moving Labor
Sports is no longer just about going to a game or being America's pastime — it’s evolved into something so much more — it’s become a lifestyle. I’m sure you already have your favorite teams, but does your city make the top five cities for sports fans?
Moving Guide / 12.06.2018

The Best Cities for Millennials

The Millennial generation has been out of college since 2003, yet the last of the generation graduates college this year. If you are a recent grad looking to join the rest of your generation or in a place now where you can afford to make a move, check out the 5 best cities for Millennials.