Helpful tips for an Air Force DITY PCS Move

March 21, 2019

Air Force PCS and Relocation Programs

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to air bases across the world have been frequent for Airmen since the inception of the Air Force in 1907. Relocation for enlisted officers is as frequent as every three years, according to Air Force estimates. The PCS Military Move Planning Guide will help you through the involved process, whether it’s your first relocation or you have considerable experience. Below are details about moving options and relocation programs available to Airmen plus some helpful resources.

Air Force Government & PPM Moves

Your two options for an Air Force PCS are:

• A full-service government move in which the military handles packing and moving your belongings and foots the bill; and
• A do-it-yourself move, also known as a personally procured move (PPM) or a DITY move, in which you have the possibility of pocketing some of the money provided for relocation expenses.

Details of a PPM

You are responsible for every aspect of your move, if you choose an Air Force DITY move. You will be reimbursed by the military for up to 95% of what a government move is estimated to cost. You can pocket the difference if your moving allowance is greater than the cost of your PPM. You are in control when you opt for a DITY move. This can be a benefit, considering that your belongings are transported with other airmen’s goods in a full-service move and arrival of your household goods at your new home may be delayed, particularly during a peak season move.

For an Air Force PPM, you can rent a moving truck or container for your DITY move and schedule moving labor services from Simple Moving Labor (SML). Another option is to schedule a full-service move with a reputable moving company such as SML.

Air Force Relocation Programs

Transferring to another base can be exciting, but it can also be stressful, considering the many details involved in the moving process. Scheduling a meeting with the Airman & Family Readiness Center (AFRC) can provide you with all information needed for your move. The following are a few of the programs available to you:

Join Spouse Program

If you are married to another Airman, you are allowed to request a duty location in which you can serve with your spouse. You and your spouse should coordinate and update assignment preferences to ensure that you are both eligible to be reassigned to the same base.

Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program (VSBAP)

An option provided by the Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program (VSBAP) is that Airmen can choose to volunteer for a transfer to a Contiguous United States (CONUS) base that has a high rate of turnover. The benefit is that volunteer Airmen at such locations can be stationed a while longer than usual. On average, an Airman in the VSBAP program stays 4 to 5 years, though the actual length depends upon the location chosen.

Air Force Housing Options

The Air Force Housing Management Office will assist you in finding your new home. Schedule a meeting with the Housing Office at your current base to talk about your options for leasing, renting, or purchasing a home at your new station.

Additional Resources for an Air Force DITY Move

Air Force Relocation Assistance
• Information about your personally procured move (PPM)
• Official DOD Customer Moving Portal – Air Force

Contact a Reputable Moving Company for an Air Force DITY Move

The moving specialists you work with can make or disrupt the success of your Air Force DITY move. Contact Simple Moving Labor (SML), a leader among quality CONUS movers, for a full-service move or for reliable moving labor services. Call SML at (866) 767-5348 or go online for a moving quote today.

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