How to Shorten the Relocation Process for Your Employees

May 31, 2018
How to Shorten the Relocation Process for Your Employees

Relocating an employee or a group of employees can be extremely stressful, however, it’s important to keep in mind that they are the ones taking the steps to move their lives to a different location. Whether you own a huge conglomerate or a three-man operation, no one is immune to having the relocation process drag on for longer than anyone planned. See how to cut that time down so your employees can have a better experience.

Do the Research

From opening up a new bank account to complying with local regulations, new employees can end up spending weeks or even months smoothing out the kinks of their new home. If employers can give employees the information they need before they ever set out to their new home, this can cut down on the relocation process immensely. The goal here is not to make the decisions for the employee, but to give them a few shortcuts so they can make their own decisions faster.

Customize the Process

An employee moving to New York City is going to have a very different experience than a person moving to Idaho. A VP is going to have different expectations than a middle-manager. Employees want to be heard, especially when they’re making a huge commitment to their job. Work with your team to offer choices so they can relocate in a way that works best for them and their family. For example, offering a lump sum for expenses and let’s the employee control where their relocation funds are being spent. Being understanding is key and employees will appreciate the flexibility and concern long after they settle in.

Update Your Policies

Companies as a whole have to adjust based on everything from specific customer expectations to the state of the economy. If your relocation policies and benefits aren’t changing as well, outdated practices will cause confusion and delay. Adding clauses, addressing common issues, and searching for new solutions should be done as employers solidify their standards. And part of updating policies means evaluating your current partners. You need someone who can keep up with how you operate. If you choose movers who don’t have a wide breadth of experience with modern corporate relocation, your transferees will have a poor experience that reflects badly on your company as a whole.

Speed Up Transitions

An employee living in temporary housing may realize that it’s a necessary hassle until a more permanent solution can be found. But on a deeper level, the longer they feel unsettled, the less committed they’ll be to their job. Not only that, but temporary housing is normally an expense covered by the employer and even a small delay can eat into the relocation budget. To minimize the amount of time spent in a temporary situation, employers need to look for transportation services that can handle even the tightest of deadlines. Rushing the moving process will lead to mistakes, but there are ways to expedite and organize it so the move appears effortless to your transferees.

Reduce Delivery Spreads

A delivery spread refers to the range of days it may take for movers to finish their work. Relocation movers will often work very long hours, so they need some leeway when it comes to handling everything from traffic to detours to drowsiness on the road. But an extended or vague delivery spread can make it difficult to plan, which can end up costing precious time — time that could be spent getting the employee settled into their new environment. The right movers will be able to manage their own priorities while still meeting a company’s expectations. While certain things can’t be helped, an experienced relocation company will have several backup plans to ensure they can fulfill their end of the bargain.

Address Transportation

Employers should also address how best to transport their employee’s things to their new home. The right movers can take care of all the details of a move without overstepping their boundaries. This can be an immense relief to a person who has hundreds of other details to coordinate while they’re moving. Boxing up and transporting all of their possessions shouldn’t necessarily be at the top of their list.

There’s a lot more involved in a relocation process than booking a plane ticket and hoping for the best. It’s our job to learn the details so we can advise our clients and keep the process as smooth and effortless as possible for you and your staff. If you’re looking for a moving partner that offers modern and reliable services – we’re ready to chat!

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