Foods to Eat on Moving Day

March 10, 2020
Blog - Best Foods to Eat on Moving Day

What Should You Eat on Moving Day?

Moving Day is hard. It is physically and emotionally draining. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that you take care of yourself on top of everything else on your Moving Day to-do list. After all, once all those boxes are moved, you’re going to also need to be in good enough shape to unpack them. 

Below are some tips on how to make sure you’re set for the big day. 

Thinking Ahead

If you think you’ll do what you would any other day and just grab a quick bite from the refrigerator, keep in mind that it might not be an option if your refrigerator is on a moving truck. Your dishes and flatware might be sitting in a box next to it. Therefore, it’s important to know that you’ll at least need some disposable plates and cups to use until you have a chance to unpack.

As for what to put in those disposable plates and cups, try keeping it simple with something you can just grab and eat or something that will fit in a cooler if your refrigerator is no longer plugged in. A simple protein shake or fruit smoothie would be a good way to get the energy you need for the morning and it won’t take much room in a small cooler. With careful planning, you could make some egg muffins – easy to eat cold and full of protein for the early hours of the exhausting day. 

Planning is essential in all things on this day, so don’t forget to plan for your well-being!

At the Halfway Point

Moving day is one of those events that makes you feel like you’ve never done more before lunchtime. Lunch may even come a little early, but it’s essential that you stop the rush and refuel. 

Making sandwiches ahead of time means you will be able to grab them quickly from the cooler, have a seat, and rest the muscles for a little bit before tackling more of the job. A ham and cheese sandwich or chicken salad would be quick and easy and provide the fuel you’ll need for the rest of the afternoon. Other options include a light salad, hard-boiled eggs, or grilled chicken breast strips. 

Snack ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Chances are that you will need a little boost in between meals a few times during the day. Stock up on some energy-replenishing snacks like peanut butter granola bars, protein bars, or cheese and crackers. Sometimes that will be enough to hit the spot and see you through until the next break. 

If you are trying to watch your carbs that week, you could snack on chopped veggies, like carrots or celery, and some protein-rich hummus to dip them in. Since you’ll be working up a sweat most of the day even if you’re moving in the dead of winter, consider some chopped fruit especially fruits that are more refreshing like melons or grapes. 

Water, Water Everywhere

If you don’t feel like you have time to sit and have a proper snack, you should at least make sure you are stopping regularly throughout the day to replenish the fluids you have been sweating out for hours. Pack plenty of bottles in a cooler the night before and get them nice and chilled for the big day. 

Besides water, have some electrolyte drinks on hand, like Gatorade or Powerade, in case there is a need for a little more boost to your energy. For breakfast, while your coffeemaker is sitting in a box next to your dishes and flatware, have some bottled cold brew on hand to get your caffeine fix. 

Dinner Time

Once dinner time rolls around, the heavy lifting is usually over, and choosing menu items may be based on convenience rather than protein content or what’s not going to sit so heavy in a working stomach. Take the opportunity to check out a local carryout restaurant that’s near your new home and carry out the local favorite. If you’re not feeling adventurous, locate one of your favorite go-to places and get something comforting to reduce the stress of eating it amongst your entire life packed in boxes. 

Or make good on that promise of pizza and a 12 pack for all your friends. If you’ve moved before, you know they deserve it. 

In Conclusion

Anyone who has moved can tell you that it isn’t for the faint of heart. With a million things to do, it’s easy to put your well-being on the bottom of the list for this one day. However, think about all the things you loved in your home that you just wrapped in bubble wrap and placed securely in strong boxes to make sure they made it to your destination in one piece. You need to be taken care of, too.  Eating well and hydrating is just another form of bubble wrap, ensuring you make it in one piece.

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