Choosing the Right Relocation Moving Service for Your Employee Relocation Program

May 19, 2023
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In this article: This article outlines the importance of partnering with a corporate relocation service, as well as the many benefits you’ll gain from choosing the appropriate company for you. You’ll learn about factors that make the difference between a mediocre moving service versus a great one, and you’ll gain the understanding needed to choose the right service for you.

An employee relocation program is a system that employers provide to attract employees from around the world to join their team. If you’re looking for the best talent, offering a great employee relocation program may be the cherry on top to convince them to leave their old life behind. These programs are designed to make your employee’s life and transition easier for them.

An excellent corporation relocation service is essential to ensure everything goes smoothly. Moving is stressful and time-consuming. People often forget how long it takes to pack up all their belongings and hammer out the logistics of transporting everything from one place to another. An employee relocation service is a corporate solution that handles your employee’s moving needs – whether they be entry-level or executives. This service can take care of a number of hassles, including packing and transporting belongings, finding temporary housing, assisting in spousal employment, and even selling assets.

If you’ve found the perfect employee to solve your business needs, a relocation moving service will reflect excellently upon you. Your choice of service to work with can show your new employee that you value their comfort and needs, which your employee will put forward into their work.

When a top-notch employee is considering relocation, they’re going to look at every aspect of their potential new company. Many companies show their robust values for their employees through their compensations and benefits plans, which can be attractive. Your potential employee also looks at your relocation policy as part of that equation. If they don’t align, how does that reflect upon you?

Factors to consider in choosing the right relocation moving service

Choosing the correct corporate relocation service is vital, as your new employee will associate it with your company. After all, it’s part of their hiring experience, so you’ll want it to go smoothly to build a good rapport. Choosing the correct business can seem like a daunting task; a quick search will tell you there’s no shortage of options. To find the best solutions for your needs, there are some helpful aspects a good relocation moving service should have to give you peace of mind.

An excellent corporate relocation service should have plenty of experience in complicated logistics and a reputation that supports that experience. Ask colleagues for their recommendations, check out public reviews, and ask the service about their experiences with your unique situation. No relocation is going to be the same – some people may have pets or families or are coming from remote areas. Ideally, you’ll want a company with a wide range of services offered. If the service is versatile, it can skillfully adapt to complicated situations.

The company you use should maintain compliance with all industry regulations and standards. Shortcuts may save time, but those standards exist for a reason – often for someone’s safety – and a great relocation service company will abide by them while proving their services are cost-effective.

The service should also have excellent customer service support. Corporate relocations often involve complicated logistics. Things can go wrong, and if they do, you’ll want to have an excellent support team ready to jump in and fix the situation. Ultimately, you want a corporate relocation company that reflects positively on your own business and can handle anything life throws at it, even if something goes wrong.

Tips for evaluating relocation moving service providers

Once you know what you’re looking for in a great corporate relocation service, it’s time to figure out how to evaluate the potential companies on your list. To get started, determine what you want to be accomplished beforehand. You’ll find it difficult to assess any service’s abilities to meet your needs if you’re unsure what those needs are.

A great relocation moving service should prioritize choices over “one size fits all” policies. Your service may partner with multiple moving companies to pair your needs with the correct people. A good service should provide transparency, update you when required, and charge fairly for their services. Other aspects to consider aside from moving logistics could be temporary housing, asset sales, exploratory trips, spousal employment assistance, and more. Executive relocation services help attract the best talent to your business.

It’s important to get as much information about a corporate relocation service as possible so you can properly assess if they can meet your needs. These services should be able to provide references who are happy to recommend them. Referrals from colleagues also provide a strong leg up. A relocation service should have credentials and accreditations to show that not only can they accomplish the job, but they’re also expertly trained to do so.

Obtain a few quotes from services you’re interested in. Price matters, and you want excellent value for what you’re paying. If a service looks incredibly affordable, it may be too good to be true. Alternatively, a service that’s priced too high may not have your best interests in mind. While you’re checking out the various quotes from relocation services, ask to see their standard contracts. The details that make up an agreement can make a major difference in who you choose to work with.

Benefits of partnering with a reliable relocation moving service provider

There are many great benefits to working with a corporate relocation service. They’ll be able to handle all the nitty gritty details. You want your experience and your employee’s experience to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Relocating anywhere is never easy, no matter how eager a person is for the change. Any bumps along the way can add undue stress and leave a bad taste in a person’s mouth. A reliable relocation moving service provider should excel at addressing any snags along the way.

When you partner with the right relocation service, there are more benefits to your business than happy employees. A happy employee improves their satisfaction in the workplace and can improve retention in the long term – which is hugely beneficial – but there are additional benefits as well. A competent and reliable relocation service greatly reduces the risk of delays and damages or other unforeseen issues that companies with less experience may run into.

In all things business, time is money. You want a relocation service that knows what they’re doing and isn’t wasting precious time dealing with avoidable issues. Through competence, skill, and excellent problem-solving capabilities, you’ll find the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a great relocation service benefit your business in the long run.

Not only can a great corporate relocation service provide a hassle-free experience for your new employees, but it will reflect upon you as a business. Much like a great health and benefits plan can show your people that you value their needs, so too can a great moving relocation service. On the flip side, poor service can reflect badly upon the business that partners with them. It’s important to pick the right company to satisfy your needs.

To find the service that’s best for you, ask for referrals, check references, and look at reviews. Your ideal moving service should have flexible options, a proven track record, and great customer service that can handle any snag. Check out Simple Moving Labor for your relocation service needs – they offer intelligent solutions at cost-effective, fair prices, and seamless relocations that will make life easier for your new employees.

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