The Best Cities for Millennials

June 12, 2018

The Millennial generation has been out of college since 2003, yet the last of the generation graduates college this year. If you are a recent grad looking to join the rest of your generation or in a place now where you can afford to make a move, check out the 5 best cities for Millennials.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts is located just outside out Boston along the Charles River, making it a stunning place for Millennials to pick up and move. With a smaller population of 108,757, this city offers a vibrant feel that you can’t get anywhere else. Cambridge is a safe area with little crime and gets an “A+” in public schooling, nightlife, and good for families according to Niche.

Seattle, Washington Best Cities for Millennials

Seattle, Washington

This west coast city is home to 668,849 people offering a plethora of job opportunities in the tech sector. Seattle has a bunch of different neighborhoods to explore, bars to try and foods to eat. This Millennial hotspot is also known for easy access to outdoor activities. Seattle, Washington is also great for families, public schools, and diversity — it’s worth a trip…you might just fall in love.

Minneapolis, Minnesota Best Cities for MillennialsMinneapolis, Minnesota

Ever heard the saying “Minnesota Nice” well it’s true! This Midwest city is welcoming to everyone — offering outdoor activities year-round (if it’s not hockey in the winter than its boating in the summer). Minneapolis is home to 404,670 residents and has a lower than national average rent, coming in at $898 a month. If you are in search of a city good for your family, Minneapolis just might be your next home.

Denver, Colorado Best Cities for MillennialsDenver, Colorado

Denver’s sunny weather allows its residents to take advantage of the many outdoor activities that this vibrant city has to offer. If you are looking for the perfect happy medium of city life to outdoors life, Denver is perfect for you — just a 45-minute drive and you will be surrounded by mountains. Denver, home to 663,303 people, is a great place for families, nightlife, and farmers market shopping.

San Francisco, California Best Cities for Millennials San Francisco, California

Now, San Francisco might be known for the expensive cost of living, however, this city located on the coast of the golden state makes up for it. This small “big city” feel offers numerous different neighborhoods, each offering something unique from the other. According to Niche, San Fan earns an “A+” rating in nightlife and diversity. So, if those are top on your list of must-haves, San Fran might be your new home

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