Office Trends in 2018

April 5, 2018

[schemaapprating]Two major transformations have taken over the traditional idea of a workplace in recent years. First, we have the millennial cohort who has a modern take on what a workplace should look like. Second, there is an increased interest in remote working with 43 percent of employed adults in the US working from home at least part of the time in 2017. What do these transformations mean for 2018? The importance of having a “cool” office has never mattered more than it does now in an effort to attract and retain employees. In order to attract employees to your workplace, you’ll need to keep up with the latest office trends. Here are several to get you moving in the right direction.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

For decades workers were terrified at the prospect of robots taking over their jobs. Now we are seeing the same type of technology being embraced and even expected in the office. Artificial intelligence or AI is most notable in chatbots, which are virtual robotic answering systems. In fact, according to the Global Shapers Survey of 2017, 29% of young people said that artificial intelligence is the top tech trend.

With chatbots handling the customer service calls and directing customers to the proper employees, this frees up office workers from having to deal with this mundane task. Plus, for offices, chatbots can be operational 24/7 including on holidays when the rest of the office is taking a day off.

Encourage Communication

It’s time to push those cubicles aside so that employees can communicate more freely. However, an open office space is so 2015. For this year, you want to focus more on the use of technology to open up the channels of communication.

Live video chats, phone conference calls, and cloud-based file sharing services are all the rage. These allow employees to stay connected even if they are based in different cities or working out in the field. By maintaining regular communication, you help all of your employees near and far stay motivated as part of a team.

Going Green

Giving your office a green makeover increases its value in a multitude of ways from increasing employee productivity to creating an eco-conscious brand. But you will need to do more than provide recycling receptacles and using 100 percent recycled paper products.

Think greywater systems and carbon offsets. Learn more about how to implement green web hosting, which is focused on reducing their energy consumption and carbon output. Provide locally sourced, organic snacks in the employee lounge, and use non toxic paints for the walls.

Improve Employee Health

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so take care of them in 2018. Create an atmosphere that is conducive to their health and wellness. This will reduce tardiness and missed days due to sickness. Plus, the process of transforming the office to focus on well-being can be as easy as adding live, green plants to the office space.

Consider changing the type of lighting to a more natural glow, and open up walls with windows to bring in the sunshine. By implementing a more natural environment, you will also attract more employees. After all, who likes working in a dark and drab basement when they could spend their working hours in a bright and cheerful office space?

Increase Inclusion

This trend is a long time coming. Finally, we are seeing offices update their accessibility to allow employees of all physical capabilities to work. From hearing impaired technology to adaptive chairs, there are so many ways you can update an office to be more accommodating to people with disabilities.

And according to Inc., office inclusion also shows how much you value your employees. When you are willing to design an office space for all types of workers, you show that you want to work with everyone. This inclusion creates a vibrant and stimulating environment that is exactly what millennials are looking for in an office.

Benefits of Office Updates

By taking the office trends in 2018 into consideration, you are doing more than giving your workplace a fresh coat of paint or a new office plant. You are creating an exciting and sought-after place for people of all backgrounds to work in. This opens up the possibilities of hiring a diverse group of individuals who all bring their own talents and experiences to the workplace.

More importantly, you are showing your employees that you appreciate them as individuals and for what they bring to the team. When employees feel appreciated, they are far more likely to be motivated and energized with projects and otherwise dull daily tasks. All of this adds up to increased productivity and gains for your company at large. So take these trends into consideration if you want to recruit the top talent.

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