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Staten Island is definitely one of the richer boroughs of New York, and it doesn’t have a very high population thanks to all the plant life. Also, there’s nothing quite like the view as you ride the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan and back. It’s definitely a great place to settle into, and you can do it effortlessly with Simple Moving Labor, the most trustworthy moving labor help in all New York.

What We Have To Offer

If there’s one thing we know it’s the frustration of moving. As much as you want to enjoy it, you just can’t get your mind off all the packing you have to do. And you’ve probably thought about using professional moving labor services, but what do they cost? Or more specifically, can you trust strangers with your valuable belongings?

To set your mind at ease from the start, our professional movers always handle your belongings with respect and care. Whether you choose the full-house service or a partial package, we’ll give you the best help moving from one home to the other.

Our services include every detail of moving if you choose. From a full-service move all the way down to helping you for a couple of hours get the heavy stuff onto a truck.

We have so much confidence in our loading and unloading services, we guarantee you’ll gladly join our already positive reference list.

How Much Does It Cost?

The big question is how much will this high quality moving labor service cost? Everything depends on your needs. You are in control. Make use of our ProMovers for a couple of hours or use them for the full load/unload of your truck. But what we can tell you right now, you won’t find a better price in the New York area, much less Staten Island.

We Have Experience

Simple Moving Labor is not just another moving labor service. We have ten years experience with more than 900 million pounds of furniture and equipment passing through our hands. And the clients keep coming thanks to our great references.

Do yourself a favor and look us up, because we know we’re the best moving labor help you’ll find. We’ll give you the best possible price, the safest journey for your belongings, and we’ll take out all the complications you hate about moving in the first place.



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