How to Pick Your Relocation Service Providers

March 11, 2019
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When you’ve found someone who is perfect for the role you’ve been trying to fill for ages, a relocation package is one of the best ways to convince them to take the leap and move into your area for the job. However, relocation is neither easy nor cheap.

It can cost up to $12,459 to relocate an employee — and that’s not counting the time it consumes of HR professionals. But, with thorough research, it is possible to find relocation services that can partner with you to ensure relocations are completed quickly and within budget.

Here’s what to look for in your most important relocation service providers: temporary housing services, spousal job search assistance, and moving companies.

Temporary Housing Services

When employees and their families move to a new city, they often stay in temporary housing while they acclimate to their new surroundings. But, if this temporary housing is not planned well, it can lead to disgruntled employees and high fees.

For example, if employees are forced to reside in motels with their families for two weeks, they will be tired, stressed, and preoccupied with the task of finding a permanent home. This means that your employees will not be able to give their jobs adequate attention and enthusiasm. On the other hand, if you provide them with top-notch hotel suites, the cost for you will be exorbitant.

Temporary housing location services can help with this phase in your employees’ move. When reviewing such services, there are various aspects to look for, such as:

Specialized services. The service you choose should specialize in rehousing for employees. They will be well-acquainted with relocation packages and able to integrate policy specifics and transition timelines into your deal.

A variety of plans. Your service should offer multiple customizable, need-centric, and budget-conscious options.

Considerate teams. A high-quality service will be able to balance your business’s needs and employees’ needs, taking into consideration employee requests, commuting requirements, and pricing.

With help from a temporary housing service, you’ll be able to provide your employees with comfortable short-term homes while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Spousal Job Search Assistance Services

Once a job offer is extended to your chosen candidate, you still need to convince his or her spouse to move as well. Providing professional spousal job search assistance services is an excellent way to win him or her over and eliminate the stress that an unemployed spouse might cause.

You might link your employees’ spouses with a recruiting agency, personally setting up introductions and appointments. Another option is offering them professional career coaching services, which is often an underutilized benefit. A top-level coaching service will:

Have relocation-specific services and experience. Relocation-related job searches have unique challenges and the service you choose must be able to address them.

Offer local leads. Your employees’ spouses need localized support. Each community has different best practices for job searches; city career guides, as well as local job tips, will help exponentially.

Provide any legal support. If your employee is moving overseas, his or her spouse might not know how to get a visa. Ensure your coaching service provides extensive visa advising for employee spouses as well.

With spouses happily employed, your employees will be able to focus on their own careers.

Moving Companies

Of course, the most important relocation services for you to provide are those used the day of the move itself: moving companies. While your employees may not end up requiring temporary housing or spousal career assistance, they will definitely need help moving.

Because they’ll be in charge of your employees’ most important possessions, it’s quite important to source reliable moving services. Broken heirlooms or late deliveries can lead to upset employees who cannot focus on their jobs.

To prevent any snafus, you’ll want to choose a moving company that:

Has extensive experience with relocations. Your moving company needs to understand the intricacies of employee-sponsored moving. Services with employment-related relocation experience can offer customized relocations and convenient direct billing or split invoicing between your company and your employee.

Features long-distance capabilities. Employee moves are often long-distance, frequently even coast-to-coast. Your moving company needs to be able to handle these types of extended moves.

Hires professional staff. The service’s movers should be professionals dedicated to quickly and safely moving items. Confirm that your moving service features full-time, licensed, and insured movers.

With a moving company that meets all of these requirements like Simple Moving Labor, you’ll be able to provide the kinds of relocation packages that make professionals happy to move for your company.

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