Full Service Moving

The Simplest Full Service MoveĀ You’ll Ever Have


Whether you’re moving 3 miles down the road or 3,000 miles across the country, SML Relocation has the crews, drivers, and expertise to handle your move locally and nationwide.


…And we do it far, far better than our national Van Line competitors. Here’s why:

The problem with other full service movers:


Confusing terms and conditions filled with “mover jargon”. Do you know what an Acceleration Clause is? How about a CC&R order? We do, but you shouldn’t have to in order to understand your 50-page full service moving agreement.


Unclear pricing and overcharging. Most full service movers give you a price quote based on a high-ball estimate of how much your belongings weigh. If they weigh less, you still get charged the same amount. If they weigh more, you pay more.


Week-long delivery windows. Almost all full service moving companies will not give you a specific day on which your belongings will be delivered, much less a specific time. Until they “get around to it”, you’re left with an empty home.

How SML’s full service moves are different:


Clear, easy-to-understand contract. Our full service moving agreement is a simple 5-page document with easy to understand language, outlining the services to be performed, when and how they’ll be done, and how much it will cost. Period.


Up-front, binding quote. We provide you with a binding quote for your full service move, detailing exactly how much it will cost down to the penny. Once you’ve signed off on the price, it will never go up.


GUARANTEED dates and times. We provide each customer with an exact date and an hour window at which we will arrive to load your belongings, as well as arrive at your destination to unload. No more guessing, no living out of a suitcase for days.

The results speak for themselves…