4 Things You Must Do When You Move During Thanksgiving

November 24, 2015

We are now a month away from Christmas Day… and moving during this time of year, let’s just say, all those relaxing traditions of the Holidays seem to go out through the window. If you have to move during this time, it doesn’t have to disrupt and ruin your break.

Our intent is to minimize your moving stress during Thanksgiving and to keep your holiday mood alive and joyful all the way.

Thank your movers


When you move during Thanksgiving break, think of your movers as part of the holiday cheer. Take the time to tell them you appreciate their hard work and effort during this time. You can also share the holiday spirit by offering them some refreshments, cookies or a simple thank you to each individual that worked hard to help you.

After all, they’re helping you move during Thanksgiving break! A tip is also appreciated if they really worked hard to get those couches up the tricky stairs.

Make dinner arrangements ahead of time


Do you have family where you’re moving? If you do, plan to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. They will most likely host and welcome you to the new city. If you don’t, set something cozy in your new place: make a picnic set up with a blanket on the floor.

Don’t forget about making your “Open First” boxes before you move. Some places stay open on Thanksgiving and this little setup may just be quite a memorable Holiday for you and your family!

Tune in to football!


Just because you’re moving during the break doesn’t mean you get to miss out on this American tradition. The Detroit Lions are the traditional Thanksgiving Day NFL team. Detroit has played football on every Thanksgiving Day since 1934. The Dallas Cowboys picked up the tradition; from Detroit starting in 1966 and have played since.

So if you’ve finished unloading your truck, plug your TV to watch some good ol’ Thanksgiving football. This year, Cowboys and (undefeated) Panthers will don the brightly colored Color Rush Uniforms on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys-Panthers game will kick off at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Thank your family


If your family helped at any time during your moving process, thank them. Also, gather everyone round and give thanks for your day, whether it was your new neighbor, your coworker or your friends, tell them that you are grateful for all their help!

Take a moment to appreciate this day. Amidst all the moving chaos, you got through the move and there’s a lot left to be thankful for. You just got a new place! So take a family moment, hug them and tell them, “Thank you.”

So cheers to you and your successful move this Thanksgiving!

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