3 Ways To Reduce Relocation-Related Problems for Your Company

January 30, 2018

Moving—it’s a word that’s synonymous with stress, anxiety, and a variety of things that will inevitably go wrong. Of course, it’s bad enough when you have to deal with the stress of moving your own family from Point A to Point B, but if you’re responsible for your company’s employee relocation logistics at a corporate level, you’ve entered a whole new world of woes.

When you’re relocating employees, priority is to find cost and time-effective solutions that will allow employees to start work in a timely manner and with as little disruption to their lives as possible. Like most things in life, that’s often easier said than done.

Here are some proactive ways you can approach your company’s relocation situations:

1. Hire the Right Moving Company

If there’s one thing you’ll need above all else, it’s a reputable moving company. Sure, you could bounce around from company to company each time an employee needs to relocate, but that’s not an optimal plan. It’s best to build relationships with companies that best fit your needs – a few criteria to consider when choosing a moving partner:

  • Pricing
  • Service options
  • Background checks on movers
  • Licensed and insured
  • Reliability and reputation (check reviews!)

Movers will be helping facilitate a major change for your business’s most important resource—it’s people. Once you’ve built a relationship with a reputable moving company, the logistics can become seamless.

2. Review Your Relocation Policy Annually

Things change. Technology evolves. Your company’s needs differ. It doesn’t make sense to stick with the status quo year after year because you could be leaving significant opportunities on the table. Remember, you’re vying for your employees’ loyalty so it’s in your best interest to make their moves as seamless as possible. Each year, you should evaluate the following elements:

  • Bonuses & Pay Adjustments:Are you compensating your employees correctly so they can create a new life in their new environments? Have you factored in cost-of-living expenses with regard to their annual salaries? If not, they might start seeking opportunities elsewhere once they’ve settled in.
  • Site Visits: Are you sending your team to places site-unseen? If so, you’re setting yourself up for high turnover costs and unnecessary expenses when your relocated employees begin to express displeasure. To avoid this misstep, make sure employees (and spouses, if possible) are given a few days to explore their new stomping grounds before they’re committed to a relocation.
  • Real Estate Assistance: Relocation means re-homing. Is your company set up to help employees receive advice from local Realtors when they arrive? Will someone be available to help them sell their current homes? What if your employee is renting an apartment and has to break his or her lease?

It’s up to your company to ensure your employees are taken care of from the time they start packing boxes, to the moment they pop their first bottles of champagne in their new home. With proper planning, every employee relocation should be a celebration of great things to come.

3. Manage the Market

Beyond the actual moving process, it will be much appreciated if you’re able to help employees settle into their new surroundings. Do some research to find out:

    • Which companies your employees will need to contact to set up internet, electricity, and TV services
    • List of top daycares and schools in the area
    • Recommended restaurants and tourist attractions

In the end, it’s all about making your best employees feel comfortable in their new homes so they can produce for you. If things go awry during the relocation process, your troubles are sure to compound.

Corporate relocations can inherently involve roadblocks and pitfalls. Fortunately, a little forward thinking can help you and your team avoid avoid them. Before you begin any relocation journey, make sure you’re working with seasoned movers who know how to enhance the experience for your employees.

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