15 Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners Will Love

December 16, 2015

Your friends are all moved in. Hopefully they will invite you to their new home for a celebration!

If a party is probably not at the top of their to-do-list after a big move, when it comes to any type of housewarming invites, it’s best to show up with a thoughtful gift they will actually use.

1. Cutting board.

Get your friends an engraved cutting board. It’s time to give them things that they need and will make them feel “thought of.”

2. Candles and flowers.

Candles are very traditional gifts for housewarming events and still one of the best gifts your hosts can receive. The fresh smell of flowers and candles will make the new home have a nice aroma.

3. Doormat.

“Welcome to our home.” Nothing puts a personal stamp on a new home like a welcome mat with the family’s initial or better yet, if you know your friends’ taste, you’ll find them a doormat that fits their personality best.

4. Wine bottle and wine opener.

A bottle of wine is thoughtful to take to your friends’ housewarming event. Chances are, their old wine opener is lost somewhere amongst the unopened boxes or they probably tossed it away before the move.

5. Art décor.

A short-term art frame gives personality to a home.

6. Christmas ornament.

Find your friends a personalized and beautiful Christmas ornament to hang on their Christmas tree for next year.

7. Speaker.

Gift your friends a portable small speaker with a Bluetooth connection that can be used all over the house. They’ll thank you when they use it by the pool next summer.

8. Food bowl for the pets.

Pets are part of the family too and moving is just as stressful for them as it is for your friends. This food and water bowl is perfect for pets to feel welcome at their new home.

9. Fuzzy throw.

Make your friends feel cozy with a soft blanket or fleece. Nothing feels more like home than curling up on the couch and enjoy some Netflix and chill.

10. Bucket o’ tools.

Your friends will love this housewarming gift. Give them a personalized bucket full of tools they’ll need for some house fixing. Give tools like flashlight, extension cord, wood glue – all of those will someday come in handy!

11. Incense burners.

These beautiful handmade incense burners from New Mexico will add a natural aroma to your friends’ new home. Yes, they are natural products. Even if they don’t use the incense, this is a cute knick knack for the home.

12. Slate cheese boards.

For your foodie friends, these hand shaped cheese boards are perfect for displaying appetizers.

13. Birdfeeder.

Whether your friends move to the country or the city, birds will feast with this feeder.

14. Creature cup.

Dazzle your friends with a T-Rex Creature Cup. Once they slurp up their coffee or tea, the T-Rex will unveil. Though the cup is dishwasher safe, it’s best to hand wash it.

15. Granite drink chillers.

These hand-crafted granite stones will keep your drinks chilled. Say goodbye to diluted whiskey and hello to these handsome chillers.

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