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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for Your Family

My brother and I made the decision to cohabitate just a few years after my college graduation, so we came up with a rigorous, well-defined, and thoroughly researched set of search criteria and pledged to settle for nothing less than perfection. ... sorta ... Before we could call a house a home , it had to meet the following high standards: Close to a Wendy's (my brother's go-to fast food restaurant of choice), Close to a McDonald's (my go-to fast food restaurant of choice), Close to an Exxon Mobil gas station (you know... so we can pick up something "refreshing" to eat with our meals), Close...
  • Unpacking tips

Unpacking Tips

Unpacking tips can help minimize the pain of the unavoidable evil that is moving day. No one wants to get stuck living out of boxes. Before you’re up to your head in packing peanuts, use these steps as a guide to make move-in day chores a bit more palatable. A Clean Home is a Happy Home Before you start rifling through those boxes, put some elbow grease into cleaning your new home. Perhaps the previous owners, renters or landlord vacuumed and wiped down the counters (if you’re lucky), or maybe your home is brand new. Either way, while you have the space clear of belongings, dust, sweep,...
  • Stress free moving

Stress Free Moving

Erase the mental dark cloud that’s associated with relocating and slide into your silk slippers as you absorb some of our favorite stress free moving tips. A little planning can go a long way towards easing your mood and making that transition less tiresome. It’s true even the best plans can go askew, but if you can prevent even one unforeseen circumstance, thinking ahead is worth it. Purge and Cleanse It is time to purge those pack-rat habits and start up the “discard” and “donate” piles. Take a critical look at your belongings. Identify items you no longer need or want. Anything you haven’t...
  • Moving to college

Moving to College

Moving to college can be both scary and exciting if you’re leaving home for the first time and don’t know other students. Many students decide to live on campus, at least for their first year. Living in a dorm helps immerse students in a new city or town, meet new friends and get a better idea of how much school, and living on your own, costs. What's Already There? Before you throw all of your worldly possessions in a duffel bag, find out what your residence will provide. Ask to take a tour of the dorms, look at photographs and request an itemized list of what essentials are in each room and...
  • Moving supplies checklist

Moving Supplies Checklist

A moving supplies checklist can help you feel in control of a seemingly overwhelming process. Don’t lose sleep over whether or not you remembered to buy packing tape, and don’t waste money buying 10 rolls by accident! You can buy packing supplies at a local moving retailer, a mail service store, or an office supply outlet, but for the best selection go online. By taking a little time to surf the Internet, you can compare prices and find specialty items that may be hard to find at a local retailer. If you are an Amazon Prime member, two-day shipping is free! You can also order all of your...


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