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  • Would moving into a haunted house spook YOU?

Boo! Moving Into a Haunted House Have You Spooked?

Fewer Americans think so than ever before.

Watching a poltergeist, possessed doll, ghost of a serial killer, or other ethereal, evil-minded entity terrorize a family at home gets a pretty consistent reaction from me.

“Why are they not packing their bags, selling the house, and moving already? Seriously, I wouldn’t spend another hour in the place,” I emphatically tell my husband. “They are just asking to get chopped to bits in the basement, and, then, there goes the resale value.”

Luckily, a

  • How to move a pool table

Why You Shouldn't Move Your Pool Table Yourself

As I watched my soon-to-be ex-husband and all the male members of his family struggle to load an eight-foot pool table with a slate top into a moving truck, several thoughts slowly jogged through my mind.

First, I really loved that table. It sat on my covered porch for five years, a gift from one of his relatives who moved and no longer had space to store it. Countless evenings of just hanging out transformed into nine-ball tournaments and eight-ball competitions with nothing more than a nod toward the porch.


  • The secret to finding friends after moving

The Secret to Finding Friends After Moving

A black plastic garbage bag, bulky but not smelly, sat next to the door of Cynthia MacGregor's front door when she first moved into a New York apartment, alone in a city of millions.

At the first sound of footsteps, she’d grab it and make like she just happened to be taking the bag to the trash.

“Out I’d go with my bag of garbage, and I’d

  • Hiring a moving company will save you time, money, and stress

Hiring a Moving Company Will Save You Time, Money, and Stress

We partner with at their 60 national locations to offer their tenants nationwide moving services. Here's an article written by Evan Jerkunica, iStorage's coordinator of local partnerships.

I can still remember the first time I had to uproot and move to an entirely new town as a professional.

I had just landed a job two states away and started boxing up all of my belongings the same way I had done so many

  • sentimental photos

The Moving Advice You NEVER Hear - DON'T Throw It Out

Three boxes sat before me, almost accusingly empty, labeled "donate," "keep," and "discard."

All the pundits – in my case, that typically includes my mom, husband, and Dr. Google – suggested this method as a sure-fire way to declutter and pare down before moving into a new apartment. Dr. Google was especially keen on this system, declaring on page after page that the road to a successful move begins with dragging the trash can(s) to the end of the driveway and a visit to the local thrift store.

Dutifully, I began



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