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#MovingHell: How to Guarantee a Truly Horrible, Stressful Move

Bad moves happen. After all, that's why the hashtag #movinghell exists, and even spikes in usage during the summer months (when most moves happen in America). Worse, bad moves happen to good people, people like Jason ( @jybuell ). My living room. #movinghell — Jason (@jybuell) July 1, 2014 And Rob ( @RobMillsyMills ) Was meant to leave for the south coast before midday. Still haven't packed the car. #ouch #movinghell # — Rob Mills (@RobMillsyMills) December 23, 2013 And even poor, poor Paige ( @MoxieMarmalade ). Annnnd this is it today, during #...
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How to Organize Your Move - Interview With Arranged by Erin

Getting ready to talk to Simple Movers about tricks and tips for moving!! — Erin Kelly (@ArrangedbyErin) August 7, 2014 We sat down to talk with Erin Kelly, professional organizer, 10-year member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and owner of Chicago-based organizing firm Arranged by Erin. Erin works every day to help Americans stay organized in an increasingly cluttered world - and during the summer time, up to 90% of her customers are people who are moving. You can find Erin on Twitter @ArrangedByErin or online at ! Tell us a little...
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Don't JUST Move. Employ #MovingHacks for Easier, Simpler Moves.

Moving isn't an activity that makes me jump for joy. It's not on my list for Fun Friday Night Activities. In my personal esteem, it falls somewhere between dental cleaning and that family reunion where you don’t know anyone but everyone knows who YOU are and what YOU were doing when you were two years old. That kinda fun. So, as with many obstacles in my life, I look for quick and easy solutions. I’ll just say it. I’m a big fan of . Don’t judge. I love finding those quirky, tips, and tricks that not only make sense, but also, make life easier. For me. We believe in simple here at...
  • Arranged by Erin

Participate in our Upcoming Interview with Organization Expert 'Arranged by Erin'!

Coordinating Organization When my sister-in-law moved down to Texas from Wisconsin – a move I strongly approved of as it brought her, my brother, and my two, cute nephews within five minutes of my house – she packed for months in advance. When the big day arrived, I saw her literally move boxes labeled with notes like, “Highlighters,” “post-its and pens,” and even “label maker.” The labels alone, regardless of what they read, should have tipped me off that she is no mere human. She made moving look easy. If I remember correctly, she had the kids’ beds set up the first hour, assembled IKEA...
  • Based on our research, secret agents are the cause of 68% of traffic jams

What Moves You? Work Commute Rising as a Reason Americans Move

Based on our research, secret agents are the cause of 68% of all traffic jams Shorter Commute Rising as a Reason for Relocating My goodness, but 600,000 of you are making me tired just thinking about your commute. That’s the number of American commuters, according to a report this year by the U.S. Census Bureau, considered to be part of an expanding group of people who typically leave their house before 6 a.m. and travel more than 50 miles for longer than 60 minutes, so dubbed “mega commuters.” You make the rest of us – 128.3 million commuters nationwide – look like we are casually strolling...


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