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Moving Your Mom? How to Make Moving Day Better for Senior Citizens

I’ve watched my grandmother move from a spacious, two-story house in Indiana, one I practically lived in as a child, to a condo. From there, she further winnowed her items to fit into a recreational vehicle – until she decided that was still too much bother. Now, she has a small place in Indiana and another small place she shares with my aunt and her daughter in Alabama. She tackles moving with the pomp of a person two decades her junior, but she has still made concessions to moving as a senior citizen she wouldn’t have considered in her younger years. You should too if you are in your golden...
  • The Surprising Lessons Football Can Teach Us About Moving

The Surprising Lessons Football Can Teach Us About Moving

With win over Colts, Peyton Manning has now defeated all 32 NFL teams. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 8, 2014 Week one of football season is in the bag. The Dallas Cowboys Romo-ed it up good. The Atlanta Falcons got the job done against the New Orleans Saints, they just needed a little extra time to wrap it up. Despite the fact that kickers receive little respect in fantasy circles, Dan Carpenter’s field goal allowed the Bills to edge out the Bears. Well done, week one, well done. As I reveled in the football-ness of the weekend, I couldn’t help but...

SML Fantasy Football League Sets Out to Rush for Real Change

It's my fifth year playing Fantasy Football and, I have to admit, things have gotten a little out of control. As of today, just a few days before "real" football begins, my football plate is feeling a little full with an online dynasty league, a long-distance family league, and one league from a former job that I keep around just because I historically kick butt. Oh yeah, I'm also serving as commissioner on a long-standing league made up of friends. I'm transitioning us to a keeper league as part of my legacy. However, when SML discussed the idea of creating an internal league, I couldn't...

8 Lessons Saved By the Bell Can Teach You About Moving

Ah, Saved by the Bell : that cheesy-but-adorkable (before adorkable was a word) sitcom that aimed straight at teens’ hearts by delivering fashion advice, romantic entanglements, and life lessons in graphically-challenged, fast-paced, 28-minute blocks. While the inaugural audience done all growed up, there are still lessons to be learned. As the cast, crew, and avid fans celebrate the 25 anniversary of this pivotal programming, we look to Saved by the Bell once more. This time to glean what advice we can from Zack and the crew when it comes to moving to a new apartment or house. Take it From...
  • Moving hell

#MovingHell: How to Guarantee a Truly Horrible, Stressful Move

Bad moves happen. After all, that's why the hashtag #movinghell exists, and even spikes in usage during the summer months (when most moves happen in America). Worse, bad moves happen to good people, people like Jason ( @jybuell ). My living room. #movinghell — Jason (@jybuell) July 1, 2014 And Rob ( @RobMillsyMills ) Was meant to leave for the south coast before midday. Still haven't packed the car. #ouch #movinghell # — Rob Mills (@RobMillsyMills) December 23, 2013 And even poor, poor Paige ( @MoxieMarmalade ). Annnnd this is it today, during #...


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