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  • The secret to finding friends after moving

The Secret to Finding Friends After Moving

A black plastic garbage bag, bulky but not smelly, sat next to the door of Cynthia MacGregor's front door when she first moved into a New York apartment, alone in a city of millions. At the first sound of footsteps, she’d grab it and make like she just happened to be taking the bag to the trash. “Out I’d go with my bag of garbage, and I’d pretend to be greatly surprised that I’d run into someone,” said Cynthia, who produces and hosts “Younger Every Day.” The show broadcasts at 7:30 a.m. EST on WHDT TV in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Boston and streams online at . The show is aimed...
  • Hiring a moving company will save you time, money, and stress

Hiring a Moving Company Will Save You Time, Money, and Stress

We partner with at their 60 national locations to offer their tenants nationwide moving services. Here's an article written by Evan Jerkunica , iStorage's coordinator of local partnerships. I can still remember the first time I had to uproot and move to an entirely new town as a professional. I had just landed a job two states away and started boxing up all of my belongings the same way I had done so many times before when coming and going from college. I was about to learn that moving as an adult was much, much more difficult than all of my moves back and forth during my college...
  • sentimental photos

The Moving Advice You NEVER Hear - DON'T Throw It Out

Three boxes sat before me, almost accusingly empty, labeled "donate," "keep," and "discard." All the pundits – in my case, that typically includes my mom, husband, and Dr. Google – suggested this method as a sure-fire way to declutter and pare down before moving into a new apartment. Dr. Google was especially keen on this system, declaring on page after page that the road to a successful move begins with dragging the trash can(s) to the end of the driveway and a visit to the local thrift store. Dutifully, I began sorting items in my bedroom, religiously sticking to the rule that if I haven’t...
  • How to move a hot tub

How to Move a Hot Tub - Don't Watch Your Money Go Down The Drain

A hot tub brings hours of enjoyment with it. It provides a quiet sancuary to let the stress of the day melt away while you enjoy a cold beverage, a romantic getaway with your partner, or a fun afternoon with friends, splashing and enjoying the hot water. For many people, however, the fun ends when it comes time to move the beast of a tub, even if it is a portable version. Hot tubs, just like pianos and pool tables, are difficult for home owners to move on their own. In fact, many people would rather leave the hot tub in place for the next owner and simply buy a new one, rather than haul it...
  • Moving for a relationship

Moving for a Relationship - Moved (Across the Country) By Love?

My longest, long-distance relationship occurred in college, a common occurrence in the United States. Separated by 200-some miles and constantly reproached by an ever-growing long-distance phone call bill, we saw each other on weekends about once a month. At one point, we threw around the idea of one of us switching colleges, so we could live closer. I never warmed to the idea, luckily, and the relationship went the way of many college relationships. However, it made me wonder if I’d ever consider moving for a partner, a decision more and more couples face today. In fact, writer Ann Friedman...


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