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  • Moving for a relationship

Moving for a Relationship - Moved (Across the Country) By Love?

My longest, long-distance relationship occurred in college, a common occurrence in the United States. Separated by 200-some miles and constantly reproached by an ever-growing long-distance phone call bill, we saw each other on weekends about once a month. At one point, we threw around the idea of one of us switching colleges, so we could live closer. I never warmed to the idea, luckily, and the relationship went the way of many college relationships. However, it made me wonder if I’d ever consider moving for a partner, a decision more and more couples face today. In fact, writer Ann Friedman...

Moving a Piano - More than Tickling the Ivories

Back in the day, the piano was the status symbol long before Apple products, new sneakers, or even an Ivy-league college degree, according to statistics from Piano World. In fact, pianos created the first brand names - and the first installment payment plans - as people eagerly placed them in prime locations in their homes and set generations of kids in front of them. Today, not so much, as the number of people who play or even own a piano has fallen consistently for more than three decades. Still, more than 10 million pianos sit in homes and institutions. And sit and sit and sit. Until it...
  • Moving senior citizens

Moving Your Mom? How to Make Moving Day Better for Senior Citizens

I’ve watched my grandmother move from a spacious, two-story house in Indiana, one I practically lived in as a child, to a condo. From there, she further winnowed her items to fit into a recreational vehicle – until she decided that was still too much bother. Now, she has a small place in Indiana and another small place she shares with my aunt and her daughter in Alabama. She tackles moving with the pomp of a person two decades her junior, but she has still made concessions to moving as a senior citizen she wouldn’t have considered in her younger years. You should too if you are in your golden...
  • The Surprising Lessons Football Can Teach Us About Moving

The Surprising Lessons Football Can Teach Us About Moving

With win over Colts, Peyton Manning has now defeated all 32 NFL teams. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 8, 2014 Week one of football season is in the bag. The Dallas Cowboys Romo-ed it up good. The Atlanta Falcons got the job done against the New Orleans Saints, they just needed a little extra time to wrap it up. Despite the fact that kickers receive little respect in fantasy circles, Dan Carpenter’s field goal allowed the Bills to edge out the Bears. Well done, week one, well done. As I reveled in the football-ness of the weekend, I couldn’t help but...

SML Fantasy Football League Sets Out to Rush for Real Change

It's my fifth year playing Fantasy Football and, I have to admit, things have gotten a little out of control. As of today, just a few days before "real" football begins, my football plate is feeling a little full with an online dynasty league, a long-distance family league, and one league from a former job that I keep around just because I historically kick butt. Oh yeah, I'm also serving as commissioner on a long-standing league made up of friends. I'm transitioning us to a keeper league as part of my legacy. However, when SML discussed the idea of creating an internal league, I couldn't...


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